Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Socks, socks, socks!

I kind of like knitting socks...more than I actually wear them and I have a drawer to prove it!
Lately I have started to knit my socks on smaller needles like 2,0 mm and it makes them a lot nicer to wear. I always knit them toe up so when I link to a pattern I have not actually knitted the pattern just the design and sometimes a variation of it and I always knit them two at a time using magic loop.

This yarn is from Garnkorgen and it the color was called denim and the pattern is Laced-up-socks from Janice Kang, the links are to my Ravelry page for these projects. I Think the yarn might have been a Cascade heritage.....

This one is called Mirror and the pattern is from Knitty and by Josiah Bain and I did a variation of the patter on the backside. My notes says that these where made in Cascade Heritage, so maybee the denim blue where not....


I bought this yarn becourse I liked the name of the color; Mango. The pattern is a pattern for half mittens that I made into socks. It´s designed by Gesine Wiemer.
I liked this yarn so much that I decided to mend onother sock that are just basic from the head but had a close encounter this a moth ( I hope that is an issue from the past now but you never know...)

This is what I´m working on now! The pattern is called Fledermaus meaning "bat"  There are some simular designs for more socks on Ravelry. They are designed by Caoua Coffea and are a little challenging to knit and a lot of them have this twisted knit that I think is called Bavarian style. The yarn is Malabrigo sock

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