Monday, April 10, 2017

Burda (pre Style...)2004/03/136 top

I made my second blouse or top from this pattern and can´t recall that I ever blogged about my first...
The first one is the one with flowers, it´s a flea market rayon skirt that I liked the print on, It´s almost a straight 44 from the magazine, the second one is an embrodered cotton remnant that I bought in New Orleans a couple of years ago intended to sew this pattern and made plans for it time upon time and now I decided to do an FBA...Dont need it on Burda´s plus size patterns, and I knew it before and don´t know why I did it???..... So now I have do remove the extra fabric in that area.


 This is how the pattern looks like in the magazine, I made view A but sew the sides together all the way BUT since Nygårdsanna used to have a simular top with buttons in the back that is what I did on both . I can see that she has them again but this time without the buttons in the back
 The flowery top has som from the stash buttons that I have in two sizes, and for the white top I bought  hammer on kind of mother of pearl plastic buttons, most becourse I was concerned if I could sew button holes over the emroidery, The are from Stof och Stil and I already hade to replace one....
 The neckline as well as the arm holes are finished with ready made bias tape, and below you can se one of the seams from the original skirt that are placed like some kind of princess seams on the front
Now I will draw a new pattern and make some more tops, they don´t need a lot of fabric and are quick to make, reminds me of a Sorbetto fro Colette, but since this pattern works so well for me I think I stick with it. It´s also something that I like to wear, I might to some different necklines just for the fun of it!

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