Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Burda Sewing Handbook; The Skirt!

I´ve been talking about the Facebook group that I sew with and my plan for spring was this skirt that I "found" in my sewing room, the outer shell that is, and I could not figure out what pattern I´ve used until I woke up in the middle of the night and suddenly recalled it. It´s a lovely 100% wool that are the leftovers from another skirt I have made several years ago...This fabric has the nicest drape and I have no idea where I bought it...

It´s a pretty basic skirt with a contoured waistband, I made mine a little bit longer just by adding to the hemline and since I was out of fabric I used quilters cotton for the inner waistband and lined it with something green-greyish that I found in my stash, the lining looks better to the quilters cotton than to the wool...I really like this skirt ! It´s simple enough but is a little bit flowy at the hemline.

If you look in the book there are a lot of different variations of it and I will add it to my staple patterns for skirts.
The blouse was also a part of the plan for spring but I talk more about it later

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