Monday, August 29, 2016

Help I have nothing to wear!

We have a fashion tv show in Sweden! Yey! and it´s a good one too! there has been 4 episodes so far and the concept is that someone who has problem with there wardrobe ask for help and the help is Carolina Gynning, She is besides Viktoria Silversteth the most glamourous Sweden has to offer, she is also an author and an artist, and a good one! The other host Li Gadd Dackås is head designer at Ellos, a Swedish mailorder company that has been around for ages....
What makes this program so great is that they let the "victim" discover her new look by giving her choises and as Liv said in one show; there´s a differense between dressing up and dressing out.
The show gave me curage to cleen out my closet on a lot of things that´s not me like clothes in odd colors and tops with prints.
Off course you can buy all the clothes at Ellos but they also keep what´s wearable in the original closet and bring something to the showroom to discover new ways to wear it.
And of course there is hair makeup and champagne at the end!

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