Monday, August 29, 2016

Fabric shopping in Toronto

For some reason Toronto has been on my list but I aways thought that I should go there in the winter.
It happened in July and officially I´ve been there before, but honestly it was only in transit. I remember Pearson Airport as a nice place to lounge between flight, but no longer....If you go to Toronto it´s very easy to take the train into the city it takes about 25 minutes and the railwaystation is beautiful!
 Toronto has a lot of neighborhoods with different approach, very much like Malmö, There is a Chinatown, and since San Fransisco I love to go there to get a good meal, Toronto Chinatown was not an exeption, there was also a Koreatown and a Little Italy there I got mý mandatory Cannoli ( I love those things....) and a lot of artisan beer, try the steam whistle but skip the tour!
 Most of Torontos fabric stores are on Queen street between Augusta and Palmira and I suggest you explore every one of them! I bought off white cotton shirting in a very posh store and grey denim in the basement next door. I also found Americo yarn here and did they have the good stuff and on sale since they where moving, I also did some shopping on Romni Wools
 Toronto has a lot of nice museums like the Bata shoe museum, the Textile museum and the fab art galleri of Ontario showing Leslie Harris ( If I ever get rich I will start collecting his work!)
 A lot of victorians around the Town, I stayed in one on Shuter Street in the Garden district via Airbnb, 20 minutes from Eaton center
 Yes I did go up there for the magnificant views of the town
 No I did not step on the glass floor!!!!
 manicure at the aquarium

and I visited Niagara falls a long time dream!! Fantastic!!and I will go back and visit the american side one day....
I did some more shopping, One day I meet up with Connie who is a friend from PR and Sue who I knew by name and Connies grandkids who tought me all about cheerleading. we Went fabric shopping at Fabricland who is the canadian kind of Joann but without the 1 dollar patternsale. I bought two fabrics there, one winterjersey and one according to the reciept; malycraknit a rayon elastan knit that are so yammy I regret not buying 3 meters of all colors

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Andrea said...

Wow this seems like the dream trip! I have been to niagra falls, but that was before I knew to fabric shop while on vacation. That Airbnb seems like a pretty nice service. These are great finds...saving for my next trip to Canada.