Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Sewing with a plan for fall

I used to have a really nice black wardrobe before I went towards navy and grey and for fall I decided to update my black basics and this plan is a good start...
I´m going to make a slightly flaired wool skirt that I will line, I have a fabric with a very nice drape and some diagonally kind of weave that I bought in Paris a couple of years ago. The black and grey stripe for the dress is from Tom Ford and bought at Skipper Stoffe in Copenhagen last week, I will use a pattern from Ottobre that I already made two dresses from and absolutely love...
The fabric for the jacket is this panel that I bought in St Petersburg, It´s only one panel but since it´s double weave I think it´s enought for the bomber jacket 

and the very basic part of this is leggings, the best layering piece of cloth ever invented and then I want one short sleeved and one long sleeeved top in a basic shape but in a thicker quality of rayon knit with elasta in it, I still need to find this fabric....and then I do I want to do tops in navy, grey and offwhite too. I have had a lot of basic tops over the year that are out of grain, see through and really not has a good finish

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