Thursday, July 07, 2016

GBSB From Stitch to Style

I´m a big fan of The Great British Sewing Bee and since it´s not airing in Sweden I watch on Youtube ( what did we do before we had Youtube???...) I think it was a good season, a nice mix of sewers, Esme was fun but I prefer Patrick´s wardrobe and Claudia is such a good host. Did the right sewer win, Yes! probably...but not based on what she did in the final episode...
I´m really impressed by Jade who has been sewing for 4 years, what a potencial to became a great sewer, I really liked her style and with some more experience she will be a really good sewer.
I bought the first book but sold it and when I saw the Bunka skirt I knew I had to buy this book. It´s a really nice book that I will keep! the patterna are on sturdy paper and in a seperate envelope and the sizes are up to size 20 ( the measures are for the finished garment and for the Breton top it´s 140 cm over the bust.

There are varations of the patterns and even though most of them are for women there are patterns for kids as well as men ( like the shirt in the final )

If you read this blog you know I´m a huge fan of YSL and I´ve been fashionated by the Mondrian dress for years but it was first when I saw this show and they used other colors that the urge to make one for myself came. I decided that cotton satin with some stretch would be a good fabric ....but so hard to find....until last week when I went to Copenhagen and visited ITA fabrics. They had like 20 colors! I bought these:

there is black, grey, a dark red and a teal and they are washed and ready to be cut, I bought 1 meter of each and planning to make a Mondrian skirt or something else from the leftovers. In the book they have a variation of the dress; a top using only 2 colors and it´s really cute!!!!

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