Sunday, June 01, 2014

Tiramisu times two

Surprice!!! This is what I look like wearing my Tiramisu at work, and thank you Frida who took the picture!
I bought both the pattern and the fabric at Austin Coop at the PR weekend. The pattern is from Cake and since I´m a Burda girl new to me, I made a trial version first and compared the top to my favourite Kwik sew pattern that I used a lot. I thought that the trial version had a too wide skirt but this fabric has a different weight and hangs beatifully, the wrap lies flat and I underlined the midriff (?) with powernet and added some elastic under the bust, added some centimeters for the hem and I really like the result, I would have liked it more if I had paid attention to the pattern of the fabric while cutting....
I really like Tiramisu and my Tiramisu is quite famous if I may say so myself and since it´s my blog...

Tiramisu the real thing serves about 4 people and should be made the day before or in the morning. Swedish eggs are free from salmonella and safe to eat raw

3,3/4 Tbs coffea liceur of espresso type, you can use Kahlua
0,6 dl of strong black coffea
12 savoiardi
250 g mascarpone ( in sweden it´s one box)
I large egg, divided in white and yolk
3 Tbs confecteners sugar

Mix 1,5 Tbs liceur with the coffea
put 6 savoiardi in a shallow dish and spoon over half of the liquid.
mix egg yolk, sugar and the rest of the liceur together, wisk the white until stiff and mix it with the mascarpone mixture, pour half of it over the savoiardi and add one more layer of savoiardi, spoon carefully rest of the spiked coffea over and finally last of the mascarpone mixture. Let stand in the fridge until you want to eat it and serve it with chopped dark chocolate over.

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