Monday, May 12, 2014

New Orleans and Austin

I´ve been on my annual trip ( as it seams to have become a tradition) to the US and the Patternreview weekend, this year in Austin!! If you have a chance you should really go to Austin, it´s not the most obvious choise of town to visit but so nice! Before Austin I spent 6 nights in New Orleans
 I visited plantations; here; Oak Alley
 I ate a lot of deepfried food, not so much veggies, drank really good local beer in Nola, had crayfish in for a swede very different way but really good! I attended Jazzfest!
and probably the most margeritas I´ve ever had in a week....I tried really hard to like breadpudding...I even tried grits!
 Listened to Daniel from Project Runway ( the other PR you know....) saw an allstar fashionshow
 and met this cute guy....or girl

I also bought fabric, wore my Alabama dress and my vintage alligator handbag...sorry cutie pie....

Fabrics? Of course!!


SEWN said...

Looks like you had lots of fun! Sorry to miss it, but I hope to see you at the LA PR weekend next year!

karin said...

Looking forward to LA already!