Saturday, January 11, 2014

Meringue anyone?

Beeing a weight watcher you really should not eat sweets or at least limit your consumtion. So nice of Colette that I can indulce both Beignet and Meringue that contains no points...
 The shirt is from the last post and the skirt is the Meringue from the book I did not do the scalloped hem and I added pockets inspired by this photo that I pinned on Pinterest
 I did a lot of extra stitching on the pockets before I got it right, mostly I used the serger on too many seams and finally decided to line the pocket. I turned the outer edges and finished the opening edge by hand. The fabric is a cotton sateen with a little stretch in from Joann
I used my invisable zipper foot for the first time ( what took me so long??) the largest size on the pattern sheet and a adjustment for the back "shelf". A really easy and fast project part from the pockets that took me some extra time, more time than needed actually.
I´m not sure but I think the front darts on this skirt is placed closer together than on other skirts.
I might as well do one more for summer with the scalloped hem.

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Kimberly said...

I love that pocket.

I remember when I first started using the invisible zipper foot and I wondered why it had taken me so long, too.