Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Burda 2012/5/135 the SIB

SIB stands for Sexy Italian Blouse and I really don´t think that blouse is so sexy but the storyline in Burda was "Dolce Vita" and the fabric is from why not? The fabric is from my favourite Swedish fabricstore; Gittes and I just happened to come in there one day as they where unpacking a load of italian mens shirt fabric and I bought 3 pieces and I think I went back for one more later. This fabric matches the skirts fabric so at first I thought I would make a dress from it, but that´s what´s so good about buying fabrics, you can always change your mind later
the blouse is pretty basic and comes with 3 different sleeves and a tie instead of collar and there´s a dress option too. I made a yoke on the back since I could not decide on how to unmatch the shoulders
 False sleeve cuffs and mother of pearl buttons did a nice finish

It´s made right of the pattern with the exeption that I went up one size for the hips.
The tie blouse has really cute sleeves and was sewn in a chiffon in adotty fabric and I so want one just like I might go fabric hunting and YEY we have a new fabric store in town!!

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SEWN said...

Gorgeous blouse. I love that fabric. Great idea to add the yoke in back.