Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ireland 2013

I spent 10 nights on Ireland in august, first I went to Galway there I meet Karina who took this pic of me and Oscar Wilde
 I saw a lot of Celtic crosses, and took quite a few photos of various knots

 Saw a lot of stones, they are called drywalls since there are nothing to glue them together
 Karina took me on a trip to the Country Life museum in Castlebar that showed a lot of old Crafts like this tecnique on making roofs from straw, it´s a traditional method where I live too but made slightly different
 The museum had some Aran knitting displayed too. There was a lot of nice knitted stuff in the stores and those with a zipper had a zipper pull with a celtic knot
 We visited a woman way up on Connemara, Karina had to call her twice becourse we got lost and it was pouring!!! She is a felt artist as you can see on the picture below  and she gives classes on a lot of other crafts too. She also sells fiber for spinning and Karina bought wool for a sweather and I bought fun stuff like silk hankies, corn, nettles, linen-jute, linen that I will have fun with

 And I had some pints of Guiness too and also visited the Storehouse in Dublin, Here´s an artistic pint, look at the foam part it´s made from fabric with some lace
Oysters are a favourite of mine and I had plenty of them!
I visited the Titanic museum in Belfast that was really a museum on building ships and about Belfast and I learned theat the linen industri is from northern Ireland and this is a photo from a photo in the exibition

Both the Titanic and the Country Life museum has photos that showed the True life and the Idyllic life in Pictures and I´m really happy that I live now and where I live...

I also saw some beautiful scenery, this is Giants causeway.
I visited some fabric stores, none of them Worth writing about, a very nice yarnstore in Dublin called This is knit! and my new love is called Avoca, Next time I go to Dublin I will take a tour to there mill. The store is fantastic and the cafe is great and I could have spent a lot more money there, they sell Merchant and Mill Products and I bought pins and two mugs that I´m unable to load in this post

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