Thursday, August 01, 2013

The vintage pattern selector

Since I´m unable to load pictures both to FB and blogspot I´ll write a little about a new sewingbook I bought.
It´s called The Vintage Pattern Selector and the author is Jo Barnfield.
I like vintage looks but think that the whole kit is not suitable for my age and posture , It will look "matrony" as Heidi would have said. But I love all the different details in vintage pattern and I can use it in a more modern way and what´s what this book gives you!
They show you a vintage typical pattern and then pics on how you can style it in a modern way, these pics are both from patterncomanies like Colette and various manifactors and there´s patterns too!!!
Patterns for skirt, dresses, lingerie and accessoires too. They are sized S to XL and comes on a dvd.
There are not any pics of clothes from the patterns and I miss that.

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