Monday, January 07, 2013

Kilt and tartans

I´ve been scouting the fleamarkets for years for the perfect kilt; my size, nice plaid good condition, lately I looked for one for my niece who loves Union Jack, I thought she would look great in a short skirt but it was not all-things-english so I skipped it. I was also prepered to through in a decorated pin for a fun look. I might have a word with here about it after all... I had a kilt or two back in "gymnasiet" that´s like collage... but since I bought myself a trip to Edinburgh next month my kilt fever rised and thanks to google I learned that a kilt is about 7 meters of fabric and this photo showes how it´s constructed
That´s a lot of fabric in areas there I don´t need any extras so I found these two models that I like better
To my knowledge my family does not have a family tartan so I can choose what I like the most!!! Yey!!! There are several kiltmakers in Edinburgh and also some other fabric stores that carry tartans for half the price. And they have a good selection of tweeds too. Yes I think we have to bring the big suitcase... There´s also a book on how to sew a kilt that my online source does not have and that I will be looking for and then I will be having afternoon tea, haggis, fish and chips and maybee some whisky and beer and a lot of sightseeing My hallway is doing some progress instead of small pieces of wallpaper there are now just dust everywhere and I need to focus!

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