Monday, December 31, 2012

Resumé 2012, goals 2013

My goals for 2012 where: Focusing on a few key pieces I want to make a Odd Molly look alike knitted blazer using my knittingmachine A couple of nice dresses for summer There is that sampler sweather from Rowan that I´ve saved to do for 20 years and I want to make it with handspun yarns on the knittingmachine I would like some pieces that say "night", after work oriented that I could not wear to work, a little fancy stuff. I bought fabric for a blouse when visiting Annika and I will sew it next year. You can´t have too many shawles! More spinning There is a Vivienne Westwood skirt that I like to make. I adore both her and her clothes! I need a slip or two Have fun! Focusing on a few key pieces... well there where not much finished Odd Molly lookalike knitted blazer is still on the list,I punched some cards for the knittingmachine... A couple of nice dresses for summer turned into 1, the chambray dress The sampler sweather is still on my list and I´m spinning for it but is going to do the knitting by hand. Nighty pieces, no such thing Shawl Yes I did some of those and really nice ones too! I spun some yarn and will continue doing so, homespun is so nice I forgot all about the vW skirt, I made a Beignet though, and a very nice one I need a slip or to and I bought some, mostly due to not being able to find the fabric and It doesn´t matter becourse I love to wear them! and do so even when I don´t really need to So goals for next year: I want to make one or two really nice shirts, Nice dress for going to PR weekend San Fransisco Casual jacket for spring summer, have a Sandra Betzina pattern that I like I bought the Susan Kahlje class on craftsy so a really nice dress would be fun. Maybe something to shop for in SF Double and twined knitting I would like something a little retro, like the details of vintage clothing and since I don´t sew so much I might as well do nice things then I do Right now my hallway is in focus and I´m making progress Project 333 is going really good. I have not used all the clothing and have done 2 months now so one more month and then doing som switches and then planning for a spring- summer closet. and hopefully some sewing there... The best thing about it is that laundry is simplified Happy New Year!

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