Friday, September 28, 2012

SIP- Spin in Public 2012

We had a SIP this year at Form
I´m giving you a link to the english page. It´s in the middle of Malmö and really beautiful and inspirational This is my rock, it´s a Kromski Symphony and I have to admit I have not used it a lot the last year but after the SIP I´m at it again
This is me, Anna-Karin ( who tought me to spin)and Åsa, we are trying to get Åsas rock to spin, it´s an old rock that I think was her grandmothers, and it still worked
I´m wearing a vest from Zizzi with the back in croched and the front in fake fur and some trim and buttons, I had plans for making myself a fake fur vest but could not find the proper fur so Then I saw this one i bought it.
Look at my hair, this is how curly it is now after chemo! Oh and I almost forgot...The chairs are called "spin" too

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Tini said...

I love your curly hair. I just got grey after the chemo.... I had hoped, that I would get curls too but alas, just grey.