Friday, February 10, 2012

First "real" project on my knittingmachine

I have 860 pins on Pinterest that are supposed to inspire me in mostly sewing and knitting. This is not only the first real project on my knittingmachine but also the first pin from Pinterest that I actually made something from.
This sweather I pinned or repinned, It´s from Net a porter

And I used Drop´s alpaca and made this sweather:

I sewed the folds on the lower sleeves by hand, wasn´t sure about the gauge so I made them 10 cm longer than normal sleeve length. The folds are a little uneven but I think it´s OK.
I used a basic pattern for a raglan sleeve cardigan in an old Vogue knitting and recalculated the entire thing, finally I knitted the neckline by hand, I don´t have a ribber yet.
Warm and cosy alpaca love.

And now off to do the other 859 pins...

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Annika said...

Too cool!