Sunday, September 05, 2010

It can happen to you too!

We have a local fleamarket here in Malmö during the warmer part of the year; every sunday on one of the squares people can rent a spot and sell whatever they don´t want any more, and other might find things they never thougt they would need. Today I spotted this:

How much do you want for the rock? I asked with a calm voice.
50 said the man ( that´s 5 euro!)
Can I look at it?
Do you have any more spools for it?
No, it´s just that, people usually want them to decorate their homes, I don´t know if it´s working
I know and it does. I take it!

Closeup on the flyer and orifice.
It needs an handyman or a couple of plugs and some oil

And now I´m going away to a sewing meeting arranged by a woman on a swedish sewingsite. It´s outside Klippan, so I´m gonna go early and visit the spinnery´s outlet


Annika said...

Woooo Hooooo! What a score! Congratulations!

Tini said...

GreaT: It does look a lot like a Kromski Mazurka (might come in handy, if you need bobbins or such things!) One day, my spinning wheel will get used again (as well as my sewing machine!)

karin said...

I know it looks like the Mazurka but it´s not. The flyer and spool are not kromski, Probably a eastern europe unknown brand, made in a traditional way. 50 crowns!!!!