Saturday, August 21, 2010

Spinderiet in Helsingör

I spent a couple of days on Jyttland, I think that is the English word for it. I went to Fanö, rented a bike and visited a very nice yarnshop and I also went to Christel Seyfarth´s shop and was amazed over her knitting, she sells kits and my favourite shawl had 21 colors in it but was a 8 row repete I think. I went over the border to do some bordershopping ( that´s swedish for stocking up on alcohol!) But I also bought Burda, september issue not out in Sweden yet and there on page 17 is MY shawl!
On the way back I went to Helsingör to buy some fiber for spinning...and did I shop:

The little lilac, aqua and other colors was a blend she had made herself

and today I spun singels from it, and my plan is to Navajo ply them

I also started to spin singels from the big thing, it´s 600 grams

and I made my first try on Navajo ply. This is not it!
I found a tutural on youtube a while ago and searched for it again since I forgot how to start, it did not go to well until I figuered out where to put the finger and it did not go to well then either and that´s when I hear her say, " not suitable for mohair...and I was plying mohai and Leister.
Then I decided that I will practice the Navajo and I really don´t need a homespun single for that so I found a ball tha looked good on the skein but did not knit up well, but it made me realice how to do the technique.

Najvajo ply is a three tread ply from the same single there you kind of crochet the singles to get 3 treads. A really nice thing to do since you can use all yarn and you only need two bobbins instead of three. ( I really need to buy more bobbins!
Tomorrow I will ply the lilacy yarn and will be back with more photos

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