Sunday, August 08, 2010

Ekelund, master weavers

For a long time I wanted to go to Bohusläns museum to take a look at the bohus sweathers and the other day I was having breakfast and said to myself; you can drive there and back in one day, but on the way home I went by Borås. Borås is the mercantile area in Sweden and there are a lot of outlets here. It was the sign that said Coffea 5 kr that made me stop at Ekelund´s Go take a look, you can choose a lot of languages there!

The most common of there line are probably there towels. I think almost every swede has one of them or given them away as agift. They also made art with this tecnique

They call it the rainbow collection and all the colors are in the warp and you can change pattern in a couple of minutes, you can also get your custom towel! Apparently it´s cheaper than printing a pattern. I´m sure they describe this better on their webpage than I would ever be able to do...
Anyway part from the outlet they also had a little museum showing two looms

This one was for the jacuard weaving

that can look this beautiful!

I bought two towels with cats on them and no, I did not get any coffea, they where closing down...
Ekelund is located in Horred on the way from Borås to Varberg

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