Saturday, July 10, 2010

"wedding" dress

I started on the dress today, did the FBA to the pattern, bought the lining and washed it. I´m a little short on the flowery fabric so I will have to use another fabric for the inside of the yoke.
I cut the outer fabric and added silk organza to the back of the yoke pieces, this is a rather new tecnique to me but one that I favour a lot since it´s nice and soft yet gives the fabric some stability. I have light green and dark gray organza at home and the first one worked this time. I handstitched it to the outer fabric and treat them as one piece from now on.
It´s so hot here, but I will try to do some sewing early tomorrow.
Today is my birthday and I´m salubrating drinking Cava ( saving the money for fabric and fiber...)

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Annika said...

Happy Belated Birthday! That dress is going to look so good!