Tuesday, July 06, 2010

"Babsan" * two

I got this wool with my wheel, it´s of unknown breed, probably a cross between two, but her name is "Babsan". "Babsan" is a very popular dragqueen with astrong sence of personality and her name is really Lars-Åke Wilhelmsson. Not only does he do "Babsan" He also makes her clothes ( and clothes for other theatre productions )

Her she is with the swedish prime minister ( to the left) in her usual hairdo. She/ he has a homepage I stole the picture from it. Go there to her her sing and look at cool outfits!
I´ve washed the wool and have started carding it and no, I will not dye it pink!

1 comment:

Annika said...

Pink! Pink! Pink! :o)
Babsan is a great name!