Sunday, May 02, 2010

Madli´s shawl

Madli´s shawl is blocked and finished

I really like these estonian lace shawls, but the tradition say that you knit the borders seperately and sew them on using kitheners stitch. Things like that has a tendancy to not be finished in my home so I pick up stitches and turn the chart upside down instead.
The shawls originate from Haapsalu in Estonia and was like Bohus knitting invented and knitted to provide an income. Haapsalu was a famous spa resort for the rich and famous southwest of Tallin. It´s also where I´m going on my summer vacation! ( After Paris last weekend of may...)
Then I might pack the "Triangulas summer shawl" that I´m working on the border right now. Beautiful lily of the valley pattern in white

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