Saturday, May 22, 2010

Books and Paris

Let´s talk books first.
I bought some nice knittingbooks. Knitting 24/7 by Veronik Avery, I´m not sure if I should pronounse it in french or english, either way her designs are great, a lot of different things to knit and there are one or two that I actually not want to knit.
Twinkle sews is a great book too, I borrowed it from the library to be bought later. It´s 25 patterns for skirts, blouses and dresses in hot, fun, funky looks and I love most of them, actually I love all of them but some dresses are not for me...
The best thing is that there´s a cd with the book with all the patterns in size 0, 4, 8, 12 and 16 and that´s her sizing, I compared with a Ottobre and 16 is a smallish 46.
So you print out the pattern, glue it together, cut and sew.
I so like the consept of including the full size patterns like this ( Of course I copied them to my computer...)
Then let´s talk Paris. PR weekend last year was short for me so I´m going on friday for three nights, I was planning Versaille, lot of walks etc ( Yes! fabricshopping ) and since my broken toe is almost fit for fight again things where looking good until I accidentally put my other pinkietoe under the horse foot two days ago. Well it´s better today and Paris has subway and a lot of nice parks so enjoy knitting and reading.
One thing that I´m going to do is visiting Petite Palais. There´s an YSL exibition there. He was my fashion icon growing up and still is...and they are showing clothes from his different collection and as I understood it a second part of the exibit is clothes of Catherine Deneuve who always was sitting in the front row on his shows and I think was a personal friend of his.
If you envy´s OK


Sigrid said...

Not envious for Paris (I've just been there), but for the YSL exhibition I didn't manage to see. Enjoy Paris (and buy some nice fabrics).

Annika said...

Definitely envious! Sorry about your broken toe...alas, we suffer together!