Sunday, April 26, 2009

Taxi knitting

Taxi knitting has to be simple in a way that you have to be able to put it down any second as well as just pick it up and start knitting.I´ve been working on the "sugar cardigan" adapted to a sweather from Marianne Isagers, knitting a la carte, a book that I think is publiched in english. A really good knittingbook with a lot of wearable clothes that can be adapted to different styles, a lot of them knitted from top down. The sugar cardigan got it´s name after her aunt who wore a similar cardigan for gardening, she traded the yarn for sugar cupons during the second world war

It´s a very simple pattern with a little braid, done in a new way to me; knit both stitches but don´t pull them of the needle, then knit the first one again, slip! I like the way the sleeves are expending by adding stitches between the braids

I´m using the grey woolyarn, the same as for the spede, and a lace weight darker grey from Isager in alpacka, the same as the circular shawl for my mothers birthday. I need to buy more of this so I started a new project. The Miyake from

and I´m using the same grey wool, hopefully i will be enough. It´s a very simple shape knitted in 5 knit and 5 purl rows that are draped on the body.
Then you have to meet Pepsi, the latest and cutest member of our family, lives with my brother and his family


Annika said...

Pepsi is so sweet! I love your latest knitting endeavors, too!

Jen said...

Taxi knitting! Never heard of it put that way but it makes complete sense! Looks good