Friday, April 17, 2009

I know the author!

I did macrame once. One thing I made was a belt with a closure with a piece of wood when I was a girl scout. That macrame was lightyears from what Annika does with the same craft. I known about the book for a while and now I have it! Thanks to the excellent service of the net book store

The book has step by step instructions with photos to every project.
So now I have to stach cord too...

The other book is a swedish book about mittens, socks and hats etc, basically all the things you don´t want to knit in april. But it has nice variations to the basic patterns with twisted I-cords in the middle of the projects etc. I will show you later like in the fall.

One of my favourite knittingbooks by Lene Holme Samsoe is beeing published in english I think the name of it is "Knitting feminine" something... If you recall my purple skirt and the blue frost flower cardigan, they are from this book and there are a lot of other really good wearable things in it.

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Annika said...

Hi Karin,
That author knows you, too! I was going to send you a copy but you bought it before I had a chance to mail it to you!
I hope all is well in Sweden!