Sunday, November 09, 2008

Life in uniform

I´ve adapted to life in uniform, no I did not join the army! I drive a taxi!
The clothing rules are really quite simple.
Where are clothes with company logo that should be visible. The logo clothes are a winter jacket, summer jacket, shirts ( both long and short sleeves an in both cotton and cotton/polyester ), pullover and sleeveless pullover. There´s also a tie for men and a scarf for women. The scarf is nicely made out of silk! The shirts are white and the other clothes are navy.
All this comes in mens sizes, I got an special jacket since the sleeves of the mens jacket where; well a bit too long. I also bought a sleeveless pullover and two short sleeved shirts that I´m resewing into female size. one is ready and one more to go. This is not the most inspiring sewing...
If I wear the sleeveless pullover ( wool/acrylic ) I can wear any blouse as long as it´s white, so I bought five white blouses at Good will...Since I can´t wear them without the sleeveless pullover I only iron the sleeves and the collar. ( my mother think this is horrible....)
With this I can wear uniform style skirts or pants of choise. I bought two skirts at Good will.
I can wear simple style shoes as long as they are black. I bought 3 pairs at of course Good will. In summer I can wear black sandals as long as they have a slingback and I have to wear neutral stocking.
My niece and nephew thought the clothes where "cute"
Navy is not a big thing in fashion this season and finding pants is difficult so yesterday I bought 3 meters of a 80/20 cotton/polyester and I´m thinking of making it quick and simple and use the oneseam pattern for the first pair and then do something more tailored.

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