Thursday, November 06, 2008

Acrylic heaven

I did a search for yarnshopping in Istanbul before leaving and came to Polly at "All tangeled up" I got an adress from her an we went looking...and we looked...and we looked and then we gave up and then there it was. On a inner courtyard where a lot of yarn stores and other textile merchants. I found two wool yarns but nothing that I liked.

Fur yarn was very popular as was a kind of balls in a thin string, when knitting with it it looked like a net with this balls in squares, of course this was 100% acrylic and of course I missed taking photos!

Here are some other shots too. Spice bazaar, carpet of the blue mosque ( I will never complain about vacuuming again!) and spices


Jennifer said...

I want to thank you once again for the cardigan you made Rhiannon. She wears it often and everyone says it is absolutely beautiful. Have a great November!

Annika said...

What a great trip! I would love to go to Istanbul - even if their yarn is somewhat...suspect...
Hope things are good for you!