Monday, August 04, 2008

Snoopshopping and shopping

I´ve been to Stof and Stil today and bought grosgrain ribbons for the green jacket. I´ve done some knitting but not any sewing. I found an embroidered fabric at the store that was so Odd Molly. I´t´s really fun to look at how this company has influenced so many other.
Snoopshopping at Antrophologie I found this one in red. This pic is from Odd Molly´s own site:
Pretty! I like this one to
and this one so vintage. When I see cardigans like this I have a tendancy to say I can do it and then I never find the cardigans in the store...but this year I´ve seen som simple straight cardigans in colors that´ll looks better on me...
I think this one is Anna Sui But the reason for showing it is that I think this is the right top to go with the Odd Molly lace skirt

Oh no! not you again!

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