Sunday, August 03, 2008

Mini wardrobe progress

Are we a big help or not?
I cut the full skirt on my bedroom floor. The pattern said that you should cut 2 pieces of the yoke in fashionfabric and one in lining. Sew the lining to one of the fashion fabric piece and treat them as one. I´m gonna go to the only shop in town that sells silk organza and use that instead. The skirt is hanging pinned to one of my livingroom curtains.

Books are good for a lot of things!

I also cut the jacket. I choosed one size smaller than normal since it´s Butterick´s and that was a good choise! I made an FBA and let the extras go into the two folds, made the bodice 1,5 cm longer ( 0,5 inch) I have a longer backlenght than most patterncompanies think is normal, and then I made the jacket 5 cm ( 2 inches) longer since I´m gonna wear it with the blouse. I also made the arms full lenght ( it´s fall, or it will be soon) The jacket is unlined and I have problems with that so I´m gonna add lining to the arms.
This pattern is really cute. The collar version will make a nice blouse ( in the future ). It´s easy to sew!

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Annika said...

I love that skirt fabric! Yummy! Wow, your ensemble is coming together so nicely - perhaps because you are getting so much help from your little feline friend...?