Sunday, February 17, 2008

Frost cardigan

I like this book, It´s danish from birth but translated into swedish I made this skirt in purple before, of course it´s not quite finished...I need to buy additional teal yarn for the picots and have not decided if I´m allowed to do that yet
I´ve been looking for this hoodie cardigan for a long time and now it´s a WIP
Closeup at the lace pattern called frost. It´s a little difficult to begin with but after a few rippings I now got the hang of it... you can see!
It looks like I´m using the original yarn but mine is called "Extra" and is a superwash from Schachenmayr bought at PR weekend Kiel.

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Annika said...

The Frost lace pattern is truly beautiful. You always choose the best of the best! I'll say it again - your eye for color and pattern is superb!