Sunday, January 13, 2008

Stash reduction knitting

Since I´m not allowed to buy any yarn I use what I have. I got some purple mohair from Drops/Garnstudio. I bought 3 balls from a basket at Summerfugeln probably last summer. I started to crochet a collar from I think "Scarfstyle" but didn´t really like it becourse the yarn didn´t let the pattern show off. This means I´m frogging mohair at he same time as I´m knitting! I´ve done better things... Anyway, I saw a nice scarf in a magazine called "Lantliv" Country Living and it was a wide grey straight knitted and then the fringes used a lot of different trimmings in silk and velvet as well as some yarn, so I thought I could use all my purple trims for this project....Hmm...It seams ´like I´m lacking for some reasons purple trims. anyway I frog and finish knitting it and when we´ll see...
This is a yarn I bought for making a Shetlandic lace scarf but the yarn that is Kauni does not show off the lace so I ripped it!
Then I started on onother lacescarf from Meg Swanson´s lace book and same thing here, so I ripped it! and now I´m making basically that scarf but whit only the scalloped edge and it´s a nice thing to knit becourse you can talk at the same time and I like it a lot! Some day in the future I will make myself a lace scarf, but not in this yarn

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