Saturday, December 15, 2007


Spent yesterday in Copenhagen with Ann- Sofi and found a fabric for my spede and some velvet trims. Will take photo and show! The fabric was a remnant that was marked down 50 % at I think it´s called Sycenter at Rosengårdsgatan. The velvet trims to go with it was from Handleren and if you want to, you can buy the whole store as it´s for sale!!! We didn´t ask for the price as we where well aware of that if we owned it we where not being able to sell anything....
I didn´t take a lot of pics but these two outfits cought my eye as I likes both the clothes and the color.
We found the new yarnstore called Bette Design. If you are at Ströget turn left at Indiska if you are walking from the station and it´s on the left side. She has knitting cafées too...
Summerfuglen where as nice as ever.
The beer was good too!

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