Saturday, December 01, 2007


I been thinking a lot lately about how much things we and I buy and then we have to buy smart storage for all our things, so I decided to challenge myself not to buy things for the next 6 months. I´m not going to buy any fabric, yarn, clothes, things for my kitchen. This includes magazines but not pantyhose and notions to be needed instantly.
I will not go naked and I will not be out of fabric and yarn.
A friend of mine challenged herself to a "five a day" clean the appartment. She got rid of five things a day ( goodwill, garbage, me ....)
My favourite band is going to release a new album in 11 days and I´m going to buy it becourse when I threw my TV out two years ago I said I would buy one CD/ month and I haven´t done that.

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Theresa said...

Good luck with your resolution. Its always an interesting exercise to complete-I am constantly amazed about how easily I acquire 'stuff'