Wednesday, January 03, 2007

More UFO

This is a jacket from BWF. I had great difficulties with the sleevecaps and it showes. I re sewed it several times and I´m gonna start with some pressing here to see if it´s worth the time and effort to finish it. I spent a lot of work on this one, I followed the tecniques from Marcy Tiltons article in Threads on how Armani makes his jackets. I once had cute buttons for it, but I can´t find them now. There are also a skirt in this fabric coming up later

Here´s a cute bag that needs lining and handles, found it on the net somewhere and copied it and there´s a raglan top, an onion pattern, needs hemming and a stitchline around the neck

This is what I gave away (and kept) some years ago, shoppingbags with shoppinglistembroidery on them, I still have two that´s not finished.

And here´s a cut skirt in black linen from an OOP pattern. It´s the second time around for this skirt. It´s really cute!

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