Monday, February 24, 2014

Vogue 1175 Donna Karan Dress

This pattern is OOP and I´m so glad I got one! I had it for some time and was intrieged by the weird cut.
I used a viscose fabric with velvety dots in some synthetics that where way to stiff for this dress but I made it to be used at a Gatsby party so I consider it a wearable muslin.
 It´s low cut in the front but even lower in the back. I did not wear a bra ( probably the first time since "mellanstadie" about age 12)
 Here you can se the beautiful cut in the back
 I had to raise the dress to fit me, as always and I did that by remowing fabric at the shoulders and simply made a pleat at the back to fit the front
 Deep plunge.......
I have to say I really love this dress, It´s comfy, fun, elegant and even have pockets. I find it hard to test the pattern without sewing a muslin, but I will wear this one again, the dress is lined and I used silk from a sari that´s been in my stash way too long


SEWN said...

Very pretty! Love the fabric.

Gabrielle said...

This is one of my all time favourite patterns - it's a beauty, isn't it! It looks really special in this fabric. Will you make another do you think? I have 2 made from linen, but I wouldn't mind a third...