Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Winter slippers 24/7

I like to join challenges, I don´t have a tendency to follow them all way. Knitting 24/7 is a very nice book by Veronique Avery who has written a few more books and they are packet with very wearable clothes and accessories knitted in different tecniques and all looks very nice.
On Ravelry thereé a "Very Veronique" forum and this challenge came up there. The challenge is to knit 12 items from this book during this year and The Januari project is finished but is waiting for felting.
I used leftover yarn from the Na Craga sweather that of course I have not sewed together yet. 100g, 2 balls and some still left on the skeins

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Sussie said...

Hej Karin. Lämnar ett litet avtryck och tackar för trevligt sällskap idag.
Sussie "Maskinisten"