Saturday, December 17, 2011

Prada style socks

I saw these socks from Prada´s fall fashion show earlier and thougt they where cool.

The first attemt top was not so good but the bottom rocks!

I have to weave in ends but don´t whey look great!?
They are knitted bottom up and then I reached the point there the braid would start I knitted the entire braid, then I picked up stitches at the sides and knitted the sock back and forward picking up stitches from the sides of the braid. On the curvy first sock I took one stitch/row but on the good ones ( there is two!) I knitted two of the picked up stitches together on every second row.I also added stitches mid back since my calves are quite wide
I used Drops Fabel and the braid is in Nepal

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Annika said...

they are sooo cool!