Friday, November 04, 2011


My camera will not work so I can´t show you my KNITTING MACHINE!!!!
Hopefully I will have it up and running this weekend. It´s a brother medium knitter and I bought a new spongebar for it. They dont make brothers any more but a brand called Nova Knit works on brother machines so I can get supplies for it. The machine came with a lace carriage and a carriage that I can switch between four colors of yarn, and I can also do tuckwork, that means that some stitches are made through 2 rows.
All this stuff made me go for an idea I have been thinking about for a while and I now sleep in my livingroom and the bedroom is now only for sewing etc. Will probably work fine since I plan to keep all my crafty items in there.


K. said...

Oh wow... congratulations! At some stage I was in love with the idea getting one, too, but then things came differently. I am still very partial to a knitting machine, because I was brought up with one, both my mother and granny had one & especially my grandmother worked a lot with it, and as a small girl I was sometimes allowed to operate it. Good Luck with it!!!!

Annika said...

Nice! I've found a machine knitting school in Seattle and am going to take lessons in February. Have you worked on your poncho? Is it the same gauge as your knitting machine?