Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I´m a spinner!

I´ve been thinking about it for a while and then we did the Öresund tour I bought some fiber and my friend Anna-Karin (she´s akastuff on ravelry)gave me a lesson and I did this on her Loët. It´s shetlandic wool.

This weekend I´m gonna take a beginner class at "Den gamla skolan" close to Malmö ( Den gamla skolan means "the old schoolhouse") We are going to wash and preper the fiber for spinning all the way and I´m looking forward devoting the entire weekend for fiber purpuses.
The sell Kromski spinners and I´m interested in this Symphony model:

Kromski´s are made in Poland are supposed to be really good!
To add to the discussion of spinster and female sweden when a cat purrs we say he "spinner" spinns.


BrusselsSprout_Katharine said...

Hi Karin, thanks for commenting on my blog and now I've found your blog! Tini should see your spinning wheel, she'll be so happy for you :)
(I just lost my first comment, it might show up later on though)

Annika deGroot said...

Too cool! I like the look of the Kromski spinning wheel. I am sort of thinking about getting a spinning wheel, but it will have to wait until I am settled in New York.