Sunday, March 28, 2010

OK I confess!

There´s been a sewing and handicraft fair this weekend and attended saturday: I actually worked for "sticka" the knitting assossiation in our booth where you could learn basic stuff or ask questions about almost anything. It was a really good fair! No scrapbooking, a lot of different shops attenting I´m showing one picture of a yarnstore, but there where shawls, yarns, fabrics, quilting, sewingmachines and you name it and I bought a shuttle for netting. I always say that I do anytheng exept netting but now I´ll give it a try...

I always liked kumihimo but thought the eqiupment being to expensive and tried some things using a paper disk. This variation is homemade and costs ca 150 crowns. OK I´m in!

If I bought anything? ....... of course I did! I bought yarn for 4 shawls, 2 of them handpainted one in brick and one in lilac from "fröken garn" a store in town that recently moved to new location shairing it with a pattern and fabric store... good combo!

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