Saturday, May 02, 2009

Karin goes Karin

I like this blouse, it´s a really traditional blouse if it wasn´t for the band at the sleeves

I hade this purple plaid fabric in my stash, a Paris adventure, but the lace was too white

Then I remembered a tric from my quiltingdays; thedying that will last; use in swedish Kaliumpermanganat or K Mn o4. It´s a purple powder that you use a pinch of and the warmer the water the faster the coloring goes and it will be permanent

...much better!
and the other Karin is the designer of Odd Molly


Annika said...

Dyeing it will work well. I like how tradition this blouse looks, too.

Annika said...

errr, I mean traditional...oh well, must have my coffee first before reading and writing anything...