Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Let´s twist again!

I did some shopping at Symässan too...
In Sweden we have an organisation called "Hemslöjden" translated it means homecrafted. They work to keep our cultural heritige alive that have roots in our old farmer societys when you had to produce everything yourself. They sell readymade things, kits for doing them yourself and also have workshops. There are Hemslöjden in all parts of Sweden and what they do is different due to different traditions in different part of the country. If you want to make a local traditional costume this is where you go too. In Skåne there I live we have a tradition on doing embroidery on wool in a very specific way, I will later write about this.
Lately whey have updated their repetoir a lot and this little bag is an exampel of it. It´s done in Twiststitches that is a variation of the crosstitch and lookes braided. Usually you find this in little embroidered patches to decorate your wall with usually small birds or little plants. At hemslöjden you´ll also find "agedynor" in twist stitch. That´s basically long pillows that you sat on in the carriage behind a hourse.
Twist stitching has never been cool until now!


Annika said...

I have one of those agedynor pillow tops - it depicts either a horse or a dragon or some sort of gnarly beast. I use it as a little wall hanging. I like your glamourous Marilyn better than my horse/dragon/thingy.

karin said...

photo Annika Photo!

PS I sent for your book yesterday!