Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Feather and fan shawl

The knitting part of my "Feather and fan shawl" from "A gathering of lace" is done

Now I only have to find somewhere to block it, my carpet is to small!
I ended up adding two more rows of pattern and used 2 balls of Isager alpacka about 1600 meter

Currently I work on my "Ballet" sweather and the bodice that are knit in strips I knit in the taxi while waiting for custumers and I just started the sleeves at home. The pattern is called "vulkor" or something simular and I don´t have any idea what that means but they are fun to knit. The original arms are made entirely with this pattern. I did about 15 cm of them and continued in strait stitches.

You knit "vulkor" by every 4:th row randomly 2-3 times/row pick up 2 stitches 8 rows down and knit them with next two stitches on your current row.

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KayB said...

I never managed up to now a full shawl and stole so I envy everybody who does! It looks great.
But I really like the pattern of the pink sweater - it's very interesting.