Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring cleaning

I saw that Annika has cleaned out her bookshelves and put her fabric stash there instead. I had two rather large built in closets from 1955 in my bedroom and the problem is that it´s hard to fill them up in a good way so I bought 3 closets ( Pax ) from IKEA and I have 2 guys who are doing the work for me ( they did a good job in my bathroom...) so these closets and sewingtable are in my livingroom: They will finish the work tomorrow, until then I can play with all the fun tools they left here....
I have an extra closet that I will put into my walk- in- closet and replace the old one in there that really doesn´t hold anything.

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Annika said...

Yay for you! My living room is a holy mess - books everywhere! But it is slowly getting sorted out and everything will be in place by the time Tini and Heiko arrive. It was good for me to see exactly how much fabric I really had - and it wasn't as much as I thought! I had visions of me being a crabby old cobwebby lady being accidentally buried under my fabric stash, but now I know it isn't all that bad!