Saturday, October 27, 2007

Lucky day at fleamarkets

I went to my favourite fleamarket Erikshjälpen today and found this coat for 55 crowns, ( maybee 6 dollars ) The coat is long and the belt is missing. I have to replace the shoulder pads and don´t let size 10 fool you. Now I understand how people can wear size 0...
The coat is not lined and I´m thinking of shortening it into a jacket and sew a belt from the extra fabric. Anyway it´snot warm enought to wear now.

Then I found this jacket for 45 crowns. I need a jacket to wear to the gym. I took my old jacket to wear at the stable so this one will work fine. I have to sew in new buttons for the pockets. It´seasy cared for just washer and dryer.
When I found these, hardly used. It´s Vagabond I´m not sure how international that brand is. Nice and wide, 27 crowns
When I went to Myrorna ( salvation army ) Their prices are much higher but I found these shoes for 100 crowns. It´s Sköna Marie, a brand I have many shoes from, They are usually very boring and you can see at once that they are SM. But these where different, 100 crowns, need to buy a sole for them.
I think they will look good with pants as well as skirts.

And a woman can´t have too many shoes and I threw some that where outworn some weeks ago!

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Annika said...

You certainly scored at Goodwill and other thrift stores! Those Sköna Marie shoes are very very cool.