Sunday, September 02, 2007

UFO jacket

This project has been down for a loooong time but I want to wear it for PR europe so I decided to make an effort. I quit sewing becourse the sleeves didn´t turn out good. It´s onion 1012 and made like a chanel jacket. Now I made new sleeves and are currently sewing trim to the front and hood
with a little help, I´m using the left trim, it´s home dec but matches the fabric in the hood, it´s a quilted fabric bought from the nice lady in Holbeck on PR Copenhagen and the bouclé is from Paris
Detail of the fabric, it´s wool with viscose


karin said...

I´m logging in to do something with my lousy spelling!

Vonne said...

Karin, your jacket is wonderful. Both the fabric and your helper are beautiful. Sometimes our UFO's turn out to be great success stories. I've just discovered your blog :)

Annika said...

Sweet! I love that boucle! And the kitty cat fashion accessory!