Saturday, August 25, 2007

Knitting socks

I´m knitting socks in the most expensive yarn I ever bought. Why? It´s socks and you put them on your feet and in shoes! The picture shows the first attemt with Lorna´s lace Envy. OK but if I payed 200 crowns for the yarn they need to be more than OK so I frogged it! Now I´m working on a pattern called Sheri´s lace from Sockbug ( links to the right!) but doing the toe up from the Branched Fern pattern (that´s the pattern on the photo) What makes this pattern so great is that it´s done like a ordinary heel but from the other end and this way my feet will get into the sock, I consider that´s an advantage. Where will be photos coming but I will not spend this amount on socks any more!

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