Sunday, June 24, 2007


I´ve wrote of Hanne Falkenberg before and did a homemade version of her Promenade shawl. I got some of her patterns from a friend and had to try it out! This woman is a knitting genius! I started on the sleeve on the Dacapo jacket...
...and look at this edge! The last and first 3 stitches are knit in a special way what keeps the knitted piece from stretching ( as all my bias knitted scarfs do!!!)and the edge looks great too!
Here´s the back piece that also is a part of the front
and here is the sleeve that are going to be knitted together with the back
and then you pick up the rest from the back
and knit them and joining the stitches from the arm, like this
It is really very easy to knit you just have to do as Hanne says!
Now I´m working on the second sleeve ( together with some other projects of course...)

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